Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

Technology offers teachers brilliant and innovative opportunities to bring excellence into the classroom, but it’s not every day that educators excelling in this area receive the recognition they deserve.

As an online learning platform that empowers teachers to motivate students, Quizizz understands the exceptional effort it takes to educate 21st century students with best practices that rise above the rest. This notion helped launch ‘20 Inspiring EduCreators on Quizizz’. This collection seeks to illuminate standout teachers using Quizizz to level up learning, and create classrooms full of engagement, rigor, and mastery. This edition focuses on mathematics teachers.

Nominees were selected based on their responses to a testimonial campaign that inquired about teachers’ use of Quizizz. The feedback was too special not to share, and now it’s time to see these teachers shine!

Check them out here!